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Dance Arts Conservatory

About Us

The mission of DAC is to give our students an excellent education, starting with a solid foundation in proper dance technique. Upon that foundation, we want to instill artistry, creativity, and confidence in each one of our students. While technical proficiency is the basis for any aspiring dancer, we believe the aggregate of these qualities will create a well-rounded artist of the highest caliber.

The curriculum at DAC is designed to prepare our students for every facet of the dance community. Our beginner students will be taught basic skills that can be built upon as their dance career progresses. Advanced students will continue to develop their technique and grow into sophisticated dancers. These students will also gain performance experience through dance concerts and studio presentations. With years of hard work and an excellent education, our advanced students will be prepared for the competition circuit, dance teams, collegiate dance programs, and professional careers. It is our responsibility as educators to have all of our students, from the youngest to oldest, to be well-rounded dancers and to prepare them for all avenues of the dance world.

DAC is proud of its commitment to providing the highest level of dance education. We also strongly encourage discipline, collaboration, and work ethic. Our studio is a place of learning the art of dance, however learning the art of dance is also learning about oneself. Students are encouraged to express themselves in dance while also paying respect to themselves, fellow classmates, instructors, and the studio. These building blocks will not only help our students in the dance studio, but also in everyday life.

DAC provides all of our students with a balanced combination of technique, performance, artistry and life skills. Above all we want our students to have fun and enjoy themselves. We provide a comfortable, professional, and safe environment that is conducive to learning. Our hope is that all of our students will immerse themselves in advancing their education and truly becoming the person and artist that they want to be.
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