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Dance Arts Conservatory

"My daughters have been dancing with DAC since it opened. The staff has been amazing--professional, friendly, and available. My girls are always made to feel special and have learned a ton! I can’t say enough about the teachers—they are truly fantastic role models. I have and will continue to recommend DAC to anyone looking for a terrific place to dance."
~ MJ S., parent

"I started dancing when I was 5, but I didn't like it. I wanted to start again and found DAC because it was local. I tried it out and I'm going to stick with it. I want DAC to be apart of my teenage years. All the teachers are really nice and when you need help you can go over it again. I would recommend DAC for a dance school because they have all kinds of classes from toddlers all the way to adults."
~Kayleigh G., student

"From the moment we met Noell, we knew it was going to be a great experience at DAC. Noell's love for dance is apparent from her personality, her experiences and most importantly, her talent. She is a fabulous teacher who truly enjoys sharing her experiences and helping her students be the best they can be. Doreen and Katie are also wonderful role models for their students. The entire staff of DAC is fantastic!"
ENK., parent

"As a dancer at DAC, I've been impressed by the professionalism of the instructors, the creativity of the choreography, and the opportunity to participate in community events. DAC offers students opportunities to learn correct technique and improve their dance skills because of the instructors' dedication to quality and their obvious extensive dance education."
~Shyla P., adult student

"As a later started to ballet, DAC has been a wonderful studio for teaching. I was very impressed with the skills and teaching expertise of all the instructors had on various classes. Each teacher is willing to help, offers professional training and is always very friendly. The adult classes at this dance school are unlike any other - they are fabulous and I have enjoyed my time immensely. I recommend DACs to anyone looking to start or further their dance education. A wonderful accommodating facility with a spring floor so your legs won't hurt when you leave. Thank you Dance Arts - you have made it possible for me to love dance even as a late starter!" ~Donna W.,Professional Middle Eastern Dancer/Performer

Visit Donna's website: www.donnadance.com

"DAC is the best dance school around! The teachers are kind and respectful but at the same time they're fun and crazy- in a good way of course! The facilities are clean and where you want to be. Most of all, you are able to work really heard to prove what you love!"
~Wynne H., student

"My daughter is so happy with her preschool ballet class and adores her teacher, Noell. DAC is very organized and has such a warm atmosphere that I feel lucky to have my daughter attend such a wonderful school. She has learned so much this year and we look forward to many more years with DAC."
~Calmie C., parent

"I love dancing at DAC. Noell and Doreen have taught me so much and have also given me the opportunity to compete. I love competing and being part of the competition team. The girls on the team are so nice and are really nice friends to have! I love how we get to perform competitively and to take part in other dance performances just for fun."
~Jenna., student

"For me, being a part of DAC is like being part of a family. I feel welcomed, encouraged and challenged each time I walk into the studio. I wanted to continue dancing after college, and DAC is one of the few studios I found that gives adults of all abilities the chance to continue their dance education or try something new. I look forward to taking classes at DAC each week. "
~Katie P., adult student

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